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These photographs are made with a classic rugged SLR Nikkormat FT-3's (1979).
No digital color enhancement.

Gunbarel Highway - Central Australia

Dreamtime Balloons - Central Australia

Aboriginal kid helping on the ferry, Northern Territory - Australia

Lets have a drink - Australia

The Pinnacles - Western Australia Weather station - Central Australia

Railway Crosing - Eastern Australia Central Australia Ayers Rock, classic - Central Australia

Upcoming desert storm, Curtin Springs - Central Australia Oodnadata Track - Central Australia
Simplon Pass - Switzerland Sahara - Libya
Visualisation of light design, 100% Licht, The Netherlands Light sculptures, 100% Licht, The Netherlands
Western Australia Drinks & stories, Dogubeyazit, East Turkey. East-Turkey
No water and bed bugs, hotel - East Turkey Love Parade, Berlin - Germany Geodrill Ltd, Ghana
Berekum - Ghana Kokrobrite - Ghana